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Ce Marking Consulting In Dhidhdhoo

CE Marking is a conformity marking consisting of the letters “CE”, and taking the form as exposed here. CE is an abbreviation, French for ‘European Conformity’.

The CE marking represents that a product it is affixed to is in conformity with all relevant necessary requirements of the European technical regulations (“Directives”), and that the product compliance has been established using the suitable conformity assessment procedure(s). The ‘necessary requirements’ are requirements interrelated to product safety, public health and consumer protection.

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CE marking is mandatory for any product protected by one or more of the European technical regulations needful the affixing of the CE marking. Without the CE marking, these products are not allowed to be placed or to be put into service in Europe. In this regard, the CE marking occasionally is called a ‘trade passport’, because like carrying a passport when entering a country, the CE Marking is essential for market access.

CE marking means that the manufacturer confirms that the product meets the necessities of all new approach directives that apply to the product. It also means that the manufacturer confirms that the product has been assessed according to one of the approved procedures to determine that it fulfills the compulsorynecessities.

The CE Marking Services demonstrates that a product conforms to the important requirements set in the EU. This means that the product is harmless and fit for the purpose for which it was made. As part of the "New Approach" to technical harmonization in the EU, directives have been established for medical devices. These directives specify necessities which must be met before permission is granted to apply the CE marking to your medical device and placing it on the marketplace.

CE marking has two commitments. One is to indicate to EEA Member State market investigation authorities that products placed on the market conform to all compulsory requirements of the relevant new approach directives. The second is to deliver assurance for consumers that CE marked products provide a high level of safety with regard to health, safety and environmental hazards.

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Depending upon application and design of product under consideration, we can help organization in documentation of proper directives and harmonic standards applicable to the product and execution gap analysis against requirement of directives and present product. We will be blamable for coordination with notified body (where notified body contribution comes) for smooth and soonerperformance of CE marking certification project.

Organization looking to obtain get achieve CE marking in Dhidhdhoo can contact us. We can help those organizations in achieving CE marking through self-certification or through certification through notified organization as per type of product to be CE marking.

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Requirements for Affixing of the CE Marking

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The CE Marking must be affixed to the product, to its data plate or, where this is not possible or not warranted due to the nature of the product, to its packaging, if any, and to the accompanying documents by the manufacturer, the authorized representative in the European Community or, in exceptional cases, by those responsible for placing the product on the market.


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